One thing that differentiates ourselves from others, is the meaning of our name. At our platform, our goal is that you should be empowered, not only to call yourself that “Special Word” that makes you different, we want to provide you with the best beauty essentials to do it right and make it fun in the process. Call Me Something, your final destination for the best beauty products that will help you accomplish all of your beauty goals. You are special, you are beautiful, and you have the right to be the best version of whoever you want to be. We believe that you have the right to call yourself something that makes you, YOU.


About CEO, Danny Park  

Hi, This is Danny!

Growing up in a Korean-family, I always watched my mother taking good care of her skin. It was a commitment, a step by step never-ending routine that was part of her daily life. Skincare is self-care, which leads to valuable confidence. I was inspired to showcase that all gender can have fun with skincare. I created Call Me Something, to share the world that with the right products, you can gain more confidence, happiness, and a healthier mindset.